How does one achieve optimum results with Corr-I-Dur®?

Corr-I-Dur®, Specialist Technologies Comments Off on How does one achieve optimum results with Corr-I-Dur®?

The achievable surface hardness mainly depends on the base material. Alloying elements such as chrome and aluminium lead to higher hardness. The Nitriding depth depends on customer requirements. Also the component’s condition at delivery, i.e. distortion, heat treatment status also affect the layer parameter to be achieved.

Dimensional changes can further be positively influenced by varying the process parameter, e.g. temperature. Due to the creation of a compound layer small dimensional changes occur. These changes can be precompensated during the prior production process.

To ensure optimum results, a good co-operation between the customer and Bodycote prior to heat treatment is recommended.

Corr-I-Dur® is available from a large number of Bodycote facilities worldwide. Please get in touch with us for further details

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